Art and Self-love

The human body is a work of art. Some of us hide away in sketch books for only a select few to see, and some of us hang in galleries for all to see. What we need to remember is that neither piece is more beautiful than the other, and the amount of eyes that touch it does not change it’s worth.

My shower thoughts

C. L. S.


Platonic Love Letter #3

Dear B.G.,

I do not love you. I loved the first year. You were my first to a lot of things. The first whose phone call was the best Christmas present that year. A simple phone call, and my heart was everywhere. The sound of your voice made me swoon. You were the first in which I had a song with. The song doesn’t matter anymore, but whenever I hear it, which is very rare, I think of you. I think of the good. Then you left. I was crushed, and yet I took you back. But this time things were different. I no longer loved you. I tried so hard to love you again. Then you were my first, and I still didn’t love you anymore. I left you, and you were crushed. I’m sorry I couldn’t find what we had. It will forever be stuck in the past. There are parts of me that would not be me without them. I thank you for those parts, whether good or bad.

C. L. S.

Platonic Love Letter #2

Dearest K.O.,

You are beyond gorgeous. You are not only beautiful on the inside, but you are just as beautiful on the outside. You are aware, for the most part, of your inner beauty, but you often deny your outer beauty. I know this is because that one person has made you feel ugly and unwanted, but I want you to know that anything they ever said means less than dirt. You are an amazing friend and I am true blessed to have you in my life. You often make me feel good about yourself and I wish I could do that 20 times towards you. I know you don’t believe me but you are beautiful. You have eyes that light up the room and a smile that lets your laughter just penetrate the entire space around you. And of course your hair is gorgeous, but that goes without saying. I wish I could get you to see how much you are appreciated and how much you matter. In your times of despair I wish you could see what everyone else sees. You are beautiful.

C. L. S.