Platonic Love Letter #3

Dear B.G.,

I do not love you. I loved the first year. You were my first to a lot of things. The first whose phone call was the best Christmas present that year. A simple phone call, and my heart was everywhere. The sound of your voice made me swoon. You were the first in which I had a song with. The song doesn’t matter anymore, but whenever I hear it, which is very rare, I think of you. I think of the good. Then you left. I was crushed, and yet I took you back. But this time things were different. I no longer loved you. I tried so hard to love you again. Then you were my first, and I still didn’t love you anymore. I left you, and you were crushed. I’m sorry I couldn’t find what we had. It will forever be stuck in the past. There are parts of me that would not be me without them. I thank you for those parts, whether good or bad.

C. L. S.


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